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Adult Gaming Centre Age Check Services

How can mystery shopping age restriction testing help adult gaming centres?

Adult gaming centres (AGC), often called arcades, offer gaming experiences, classic slot games and traditional fruit machines. Adult gaming centres have to keep an eye on young customers trying to use gambling machines or participating in other age restricted activities that the adult gaming centre might offer such as a bar selling alcohol.

Centrebound ensure that your age restriction checking processes are being carried out. We do this through age check audits and age restriction testing.

How to prevent under age gaming

To prevent underage gaming and gambling from occurring, adult gaming centres must have a system in place to check and verify customer ages. Most operate a Think 21 policy in order to ensure only over 18s are playing within their adult gaming centres.

The Think 21 scheme helps staff as it can be challenging to determine whether a customer is over the age of 18 so having a policy of checking for higher ages covers a wider range and gives staff greater confidence in preventing underage sales. Checking that the customer has a valid ID if they appear underage and refusing service should be essential for your staff to know.

How do I get my age check process tested?

Ensuring an age check scheme such as Think 21 and Challenge 25 are being implemented correctly by staff can be tricky.

Centrebound can ensure your staff are carrying out age checks and asking for valid ID in accordance with your age check process. We can provide 18- 21 year olds to carry out mystery shopping visits to the adult gaming centres and attempt to access over 18s gaming machines.

Regulators can also be confident that age checks are being carried out to a high standard with the mystery shopping age checks tackling the rise of high-quality fake IDs, which puts increased pressure on business and their staff.

All our mystery shopping agents conducting age restriction testing will have had their age validated by Centrebound by either passport, birth certificate or PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme.

Our age check and mystery shopping services are available throughout the UK and Ireland.

Mystery shopping agents complete their audit survey within 24 hours of visiting a venue. Centrebound then quality check each report and share the results with the client within 48 hours.

If you would like age check test purchases for your adult gaming centre, please get in touch.