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Official Test Purchase Service

How to ensure your team are carrying out Think 25 checks when young customers are purchasing age-restricted goods.

Managing underage sales is one of the main compliance challenges facing retailers and hospitality, and ensuring your team are doing Think 25 checks or similar is vital. Each year we carry out over 10,000 mystery shopping test purchases on behalf of leading organisations, to help them ensure their employees are carrying out age checks of young customers. Having an independent test purchasing scheme in place is something local authorities support.

Using an independent test purchase service demonstrates to the local authority that you are taking compliance seriously. A recent trading standards report cited internal test purchasing in their best practice guidelines for selling alcohol/knives. The due diligence is invaluable if you ever receive a visit from your local officer.

Our age restriction test purchase service helps organisations to independently check and improve compliance for store, venue and home delivery services of age-restricted goods.

As the growth in-home delivery of groceries and dine at home apps continues to increase, it’s essential for businesses to ensure they are implementing age verification checks for doorstep deliveries. Working with Mystery Shopping experts ensures age restricted goods don’t get delivered into the wrong hands.

Store and venue-based age checking services are equally important as we see DIY retailers, convenience stores, forecourts retailers, pubs, bars and supermarkets all using mystery shopping age check services.

All age-restricted goods are included in our test purchase service including Challenge 25 tests for alcohol also age verification checks for cigarettes, knives, solvents, medicines, lottery tickets.

Centrebound mystery shopping agents carrying out age verification checks will have had their age validated by either passport, birth certificate or PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme.

Age checks can be combined with other aspects of customer experience or compliance checks to help improve outcomes. It’s found that individual company performance improves due to several factors – awareness amongst staff that they are being randomly tested, increased focus from management on underage legislation, and also specific actions suggested from our analysis.

Find out how we can help your organisation carry out age verification test purchases contact us.

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