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Centrebound has been providing effective test purchase and age restricted auditing services throughout the UK and Europe since 2013. We are MSPA accredited and deliver bespoke compliance solutions to a range of sectors.


Age Checks Secret Shopping Services

Centrebound help organisations by carrying out test purchase audits of age restricted products. Our bespoke test purchase service covers a wide range products, ensuring improved compliance and reduced risk of large fines and restriction of trade for our clients.

Age restricted goods we test:

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes
  • Knives
  • Solvents
  • Gambling
  • Computer Games
  • Energy Drinks
  • Lottery Tickets

We apply our ethos of great service to our employees and test purchase auditors. We only select the best candidates from a multi-stage recruitment process that includes not only literacy, observational and attention to detail tests but a passion for customer service too.

Our established auditors are regularly reviewed, audited and feedback is provided to ensure the quality of our surveys and work remains first class. We pride ourselves on being one of the UKs best and fastest paying compliance testing companies. Our relationship with our auditors is built on respect and dedicated, personable support 7 days a week.

All auditors undertaking age restricted compliance checks have had their age validated by Centrebound by providing PASS accredited I.D.

“Working with Centrebound has provided me with great flexibility to earn extra money  around my other commitments. The payment has always been paid promptly.  The briefs that are provided are comprehensive so I always feel fully prepared and able to fulfil the brief and I feel supported by the team via email who are always quick to respond to any questions. Great company to work for!” – Michelle, London

“Centrebound has always been one of my favourite mystery shopping companies. Always professional and friendly, they sincerely value their shoppers, and treat them with respect.” – Brian, Swindon

Why businesses use our test purchase service:

  • Improve compliance and risk reduction of restriction of trade and fines.
  • Demonstrates to authorities and customers that you are taking proactive measures to prevent under age sales.
  • Increases management focus on legislation and internal compliance policies, which improves staff performance.
  • Identifies risk factors and Centrebound can recommend actions to take.

Centrebound are trusted to deliver test purchasing services to some of the UKs most recognised brands. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, bespoke service to our customers that is reliable and delivers results.

“We’ve worked with Centrebound for many years now, and have always been pleased with their professionalism, helpfulness and willingness to adapt to our procedures when required. It is rare that we need to question one of their shopper’s reports, but when it happens they always do everything possible to resolve the situation.”

Customer Project Manager – Logistics Services Ocado

“We have been working with Centrebound since the beginning of the year (2021). They have delivered excellent reports and met their KPIs, even during the lockdown periods. We have been very happy with their efficient account management and timely reporting”

HR Business Partner Leyland SDM

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