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Hardware Store Age Restriction Testing

Hardware stores, like supermarkets can sell a wide range of age restricted goods including:

  • Bottled gas
  • Knives and cutting implements
  • Solvents, including glues and intoxicating substances

Knife sales in particular, have been in the media’s focus recently due to the increase in knife crimes, particularly within younger aged groups. Knife and solvent abuse is not limited to the major cities and urbanisations. Many are now seeing it as a National problem, effecting towns all over the UK.

Underage knife sales in the media

According to an article published in the Guardian, trading standards have reported that nearly one in four shops is breaking the law on under-age knife sales, with blades sold to children as young as 12. In test purchases carried out for the Local Government Association, implements including a machete, a nine-inch serrated knife, razor blades and craft knives were sold to underage teenagers across England and Wales.

Mystery Shopping Test Purchases

Clear POS, better merchandising, staff training and think/challenge 25 policies will obviously help reduce the number of age restricted items being bought by minors at hardware stores. However, a method for regularly auditing your customer facing staff is critical to maintaining a robust ESG approach and protecting young people from knife crime.

Centrebound can help ensure your staff are carrying out age checks and asking for valid ID in accordance with your age check process by completing age restriction testing. Centrebound has been providing age restriction testing of age restricted goods such as knives and solvents since 2013 throughout the UK. We are accredited members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association and have a proven track record of delivering reliable, validated Challenge 25 age restriction testing services to a variety of customers including national supermarkets and hardware stores.

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