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Keep Calm It’s Just Peak Season

It’s that time of year again! Your resource and headcount plans have (hopefully) ensured you have enough to capacity to cope with the uplift in customer demand, but what about your call centre quality assurance function?

If you’re maintaining a grading rate based on contacts per head or percentage of customer contacts it can be very difficult to find the resource to support your QA team. This may require taking resource from team management at just the time when their focus should be on supporting the front line agents or relying on overtime fulfilment.

Here at Centrebound, we can provide expert Quality Assurance support when you need it most for a minimum of 8 weeks to all year round support. Our flexible staffing model allows us to increase the numbers of contacts graded as and when you require. Maybe you want a project focus placed on a certain area of service or sales and need more calls than usual listened to. We can take that additional amount of calls on without the need to recruit additional staff or roll out training. That means we can react quickly, increase the volume and give you the opportunity to identify any requirement across any number of calls as and when you require it.

If you would like to discuss either short or long term support please get in touch with me directly: giles.geddes@centrebound.com.