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Mystery Manager

Your organisation has worked hard to listen to the customer and your competition. You have taken that valuable information and turned it into an engagement strategy that you believe will deliver the results you are looking for. You have spent time and resources to cascade a set of KPIs measures and training plan to support your vision and have rolled it out company-wide.

Naturally, you want to be sure that those customer service standards are being delivered but it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. You can never be totally confident that everything you and your team have implemented is being adhered to when you’re not there.

Mystery Manager that puts selected Centrebound Agents into your organisation to be the eyes and ears of the head office or management team.

Playing the role of a customer or member of the public, Centrebound Agents will be able to report back, location by location on whether the things that are important to you are getting through to the market.

Each Agent will be fully briefed on exactly what you as a management team are looking for. Additional telephone or face to face training can be included in the Mystery Manager programme so you can be confident that our Agents are 100% aligned with your company goals.

Each Mystery Manager client will receive a fully bespoke package that includes custom surveys, scenarios and reports all delivered by a dedicated Account Manager.

The bespoke reports can be tied to personal development plans or training programmes targeted to improve areas the programme identifies. Equally importantly the results can also be part of incentive programmes or to celebrate success for excellent service. We will give you the tools that give you operation wide visibility and insight.

Contact us to discuss in more detail and we would be delighted to provide suggestions, advice and support on how to achieve the most effective approach for your business or provide with a no-obligation quote for our services.