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Centrebound Mystery Shopper Testimonials

There’s many benefits to becoming a Mystery Shopping Agent with Centrebound including a chance to earn extra income, exciting and varied work and flexible hours to suit you.


We’re proud to be rated Excellent in Trustpilot and value our Mystery Shopping agents enormously.

Here’s what our Mystery Shopping Agents say about working with Centrebound.

“I have worked with Centrebound for a few months now and always look forward to new assignment opportunities. I find the assignments interesting and relevant, whilst offering the option of opting in or out of each one, meaning it’s tailored to suit my lifestyle. Alongside this, you are able to choose how many assignments you undertake and when you would like to do them which makes it super flexible and allows you to feel in control of your assignments. Each assignment fee is adjusted based on the size/length of each assignment and enables you to complete them without worrying about spending too much money. Payments are made quickly and are hassle free. Centrebound provides fantastic support and they never fail to answer any queries quickly, making sure your concerns or problems are solved with ease. Their communications are clear and regular without overloading you with unnecessary emails and content. This makes working with them engaging and simple whilst enabling you to stay informed and up-to-date with new assignments or news. All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoy working with Centrebound – they are professional, supportive and flexible – I would highly recommend them!”
Mia, Manchester

“It is a pleasure to work with Centrebound. The company are very efficient and professional. Any query is answered quickly and payments are prompt. It is a completely straightforward and hassle free experience and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.”
Karen, Oxfordshire

“Centrebound has always been one of my favourite mystery shopping companies. Always professional and friendly, they sincerely value their shoppers, and treat them with respect.”
Brian, Swindon

“Working with Centrebound has been a hugely positive experience. It’s a perfect supplementary source of income for a student: I can be flexible around my studies, choosing which jobs I want to take from clearly advertised and straightforwardly salaried listings. All my interactions with Centrebound have been wholly positive: from initial briefings, to on-demand support, to the surveys afterwards. 100% would recommend Centrebound to anyone!”
Maddie, London

“Centrebound offers opportunities to make an additional income without any pressure. The assignment opportunities are straight forward and do not impose on any other commitments you may have. I have undertaken assignments which have required me to go into stores and ones which require an online delivery. The assignment briefs are thorough, and very clearly explain everything you need to know which makes completing them hassle free.
The questionnaires to follow the assignments are also very straightforward and not too long. They enable you to give the information that companies need to ensure that they are providing the best quality service for their customers.
I always look forward to receiving assignment opportunities and enjoy completing them. Support is always there if you need it and remuneration is fair and prompt.”
Chantell, West Midlands

“Working with Centrebound has provided me with great flexibility to earn extra money around my other commitments. The payment has always been paid promptly and quicker than specified. The briefs that are provided are comprehensive so I always feel fully prepared and able to fulfil the brief and I feel supported by the team via email who are always quick to respond to any questions. Great company to work for!”
Michelle, London

“Working with Centrebound is something I would highly recommend. Their work is flexible and can be fitted around other commitments. You are always given a very detailed brief which explains fully what is required along with the remuneration for the task. Payment is very fair and always paid so quickly once an assignment has been submitted so there is no worry about being out of pocket for weeks on end.
Should you have any questions or queries the support from Centrebound is great, they reply to you immediately.”
Carolyn, Worcestershire

“Working with centrebound is the best, it’s such flexible work that you can do at any point of the day, from the comfort of your own home. The assignments are well explained but if you did need help the centrebound team are super helpful and reply almost instantly to any problems or questions. The speed of the payments is amazing and I’ve never had any problems with them. I’ve loved working with Centrebound, I would highly recommend them.”
Lily, St Albans

“I couldn’t recommend working for centrebound enough to my friends and family. As a student, it’s an excellent job to have; the flexibility of the operations means that I can partake in as many assignments as I want, depending on my schedule and plans for the week. All of the payments have been speedy and on time. The assignment briefs are detailed and specific, and any questions I have had have been replied to in under 24 hours. Being a student this is an almost perfect job for me and I genuinely enjoy it, the form is really easy to fill out and I look forward to receiving the emails telling me I can do another assignment. I’ve recommended the company to all of my flatmates and most of them have applied as well!”
Anna, Bristol

“Working with centrebound has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to earn extra money on my own terms. The flexibility of the assignments are ideal for myself; I am a single mum so finding childcare for a general 9-5 job is difficult. Assignment fees are also very reasonable and I could not be happier with the speed of payment. Help is available at any time should I require it and the team are super quick at dealing with any queries.”
Laura, Barnsley

“Working with Centrebound is great because I am a student, who regularly enjoys takeaways and so the assignments I receive perfectly fit in with my current lifestyle and are no hassle to complete. The audits I complete are quick and straight forward and I receive payment much quicker than I first anticipated. The extra cash is great for me, especially living on a student budget!”
Kiera, Newcastle

“Centrebound are very friendly and helpful. They provide clear, easy to follow briefs and a range of interesting tasks. They pay well and quickly and are a pleasure to deal with. They are my favourite mystery shopping company.”
Gary, Leeds

“I enjoy working with Centrebound because it is so flexible, I can always work around my busy timetable. It has allowed me to earn that extra bit of money in need as a student while doing something I enjoy and not taking up much of my time. It is an extremely organised and efficient company. They are always clear with instructions, quick with payments and quick to reply to any queries. I have loved my experience with Centrebound thus far.”
Molly, Cardiff

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