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Mystery Shopping agents working from home

As the UK faces the latest COVID-19 lockdown, non-essential shops, restaurants, hotels and other businesses remain closed. For our mystery shopping agents this has meant a change in the type of assignments our clients are asking us to help with.

The need to gather customer insight remains, but as some businesses have been able to move online, the way audits are carried out corresponds with this shift.

Many of our grocery retail clients are seeing unprecedented demand for door step deliveries which in-turn has driven up the need for Challenge 25 compliance checks to be carried out by our mystery shopping agents.

Mystery shopping assignments that involve monitoring in-store or in-venue customer experience or compliance checks, have now moved to telephone, online and door-step audits. This means our mystery shopping agents can work from home.

As we see businesses change and adjust, we are seeing gathering customer insight via mystery shopping agents working from home being integral to understand customer experience in this new era.

How to become a Mystery Shopping agent

Mystery Shopping assignments vary from job to job, according to what our clients are looking to achieve. However all agents will be given a specific set of instructions to read and agree to before undertaking the assignment.

The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to help organisations understand the complete customer experience or to ensure compliance of rules and regulations are being carried out so the business isn?t in breach of any laws.

Typical mystery shopping jobs that can be carried out from home include telephone mystery shopping which involves calling businesses with questions, and assessing and recording how these are answered. Email mystery shopping is similar to phone mystery shopping, and door step delivery audits to check age restricted goods aren?t being handed over to under age recipients.

The process to become a Centrebound Mystery Shopper starts by applying via the online form:


After completion, successful candidates will be required to complete a short online test measuring attention to detail, written English and observational skills. All successful candidates will be notified within 5 working days of completion of the test.

Mystery Shopping assignment opportunities sent to relevant agents, enabling them to commit to or decline the assignment. Agents that are allocated audits are given detailed instructions for the assignment. Then finally each agent is paid upon successful completion of the assignment.