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Our Services

Centrebound offers a range of different services for businesses across the UK. In the ever-changing marketplace, customers are demanding an equally flexible customer service proposition.

Today more than ever, customers are provided with opportunities to feedback their experiences. Apps such as TripAdvisor and Facebook/Google ratings provide an easy way to typically praise or complain about the service they receive. Even a quick review of a company’s social media feedback will highlight the polarisation of opinions that are gathered in this way. Customers tend to make the effort to contact a company when they have experienced something exceptional, be it outstanding or poor service. This feedback is useful and important but can lack constructive and objective content. Mystery shopping your business ensures you have access to the breadth of objective customer experience that lies between outstanding and poor service.

A tailored mystery shopping programme also gives you the insight to measure the success of specific key performance indicators or business objectives. Often mystery shopping programmes are linked to staff performance bonuses and personal development plans. This is an effective way of increasing staff engagement into the concept of customer experience.

Store & Venue Mystery Shopping

Centrebound’s Mystery shopping programmes are developed in line with your store based KPI and customer service measures. Our objective, field based surveys and reporting analytics will give you first class insight into your customer facing operations.

Working with Centrebound will help you understand whether your initiatives and customer service vision are being delivered in the marketplace. Find Out More About Our Mystery Shopping Program>>

Age Restricted Test Purchase Scheme

Ensuring your stores are not selling knives, tobacco, alcohol or pharmaceuticals to under-age customers.

Managing underage sales is a compliance challenge that we can help overcome. We enable companies to independently check their employees are carrying out age checks such as Challenge 21, Challenge 25 and Think 25. We perform over 10,000 age checks and test purchases each year for leading retailers to help prevent sales of age restricted goods such as alcohol, cigarettes, knives and solvents.   Find Out More About Age Restricted Testing>>

Covert Video Mystery Shopping

For unparalleled insight and compliance work, we have a nationwide covert video service.

Video can be used for any mystery shopping scenario and coupled with a bespoke survey can provide indisputable evidence of the service you provide. Find Out More About Covert Video Mystery Shopping>>

Mystery Manager

Mystery Manager is a new approach from Centrebound that puts selected Centrebound Agents into your organisation to be the eyes and ears of the head office or management team.

Playing the role of a customer or member of the public, Centrebound Agents will be able to report back, location by location on whether the things that are important to you are getting through to the market.
Each Agent will be fully briefed on exactly what you as a management team are looking for. Additional telephone or face to face training can be included in the Mystery Manager programme so you can be confident that our Agents are 100% aligned to your company goals. Find Out More About Our Mystery Manager Program>>

Phone Mystery Shopping

Telephone mystery shopping is an effective way of measuring and developing the quality of service delivered by your teams. Our analytics enable you to identify and implement change based on your customer’s experiences.

Results are produced on assessment forms with scores for every individual call with fully definable aggregate reporting. These are provided along with an MP3 recording of the calls. Find Out More About Telephone Mystery Shopping>>

Online Mystery Shopping

With more and more customers heading to the web, it has never been more important to get it right for your online customers. After all, the competition is only a click away. Our expert mystery customer services include;

  • Making orders
  • Contacting the e-mail helpdesk / webchat
  • Social media interaction

Bespoke online business surveys can cover all aspects of the customer experience. This includes the initial impression of your homepage, ease of browsing and selection right through to placing an order and after-sales services. Find Out More About Online Mystery Shopping>>