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Mystery shopping with Centrebound; being a spy without the health risks

As students prepare for the start of the new academic year, and head off to college or university, one of our mystery shopping agents shares their experience of being a mystery shopper with Centrebound whilst being at university.

Who doesn’t want to be a spy? Benedict Cumberbatch once said he’s “always wanted to play a spy.” Little does he know, it’s easy to do one better and become a spy (of sorts) as a Centrebound mystery shopping agent. Over the past few years, while at university, I have been working as a secret shopper with Centrebound, and I cannot recommend it enough. Here are my top three reasons why.

First, Centrebound assignments are varied and flexible. They collaborate with so many companies, you could be getting free supermarket deliveries one day and visiting concert venues the next. Most assignments involve visiting a shop, completing specific tasks, and reporting the results through an online survey. The surveys are really easy to fill in (even on my 6-year-old phone!) You not only help shops enhance their customer service, but you also have the opportunity to test compliance with legal requirements, such as ID checks. Assignments are sent by email, giving you the freedom to choose which ones to take. Whether you’re busy or have loads of extra time, Centrebound lets you adapt your mystery shopping as life changes.

Second, Centrebound provides excellent support to its agents. Each assignment comes with a comprehensive agent briefing that provides everything you need to know, down to the exact wording to use when interacting with staff members. It’s like an MI6 agent brief but with less national security at stake. The operations team are easy to contact and always very happy to help; they distribute assignments and review your feedback surveys. And they provide valuable and actionable feedback on your assignments, enabling you to become the best agent out there – the 007 of mystery shopping.

Lastly, being a Centrebound agent means you get free stuff. Assignments with Centrebound are always a win-win, as you receive cash reimbursement for assignment-related spending and you get to keep the products you purchase. I’ve done the maths and my time is definitely worth the value of those products! What’s more, I’ve found I’m not buying products I don’t. The variety of Centrebound assignments means that I end up buying products I genuinely want to have.

So there you have it – mystery shopping with Centrebound is a win for everyone involved. You get free stuff and the thrilling `spy’ experience!, Centrebound receives valuable feedback, and the shops can enhance their services. It’s about time someone informed Benedict Cumberbatch about what he’s been missing out on.

Thanks to Nathanael Jenkins for sharing!

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