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Omni-channel Objectivity

Today’s competition is only a click away. Maintaining a competitive online advantage has become critical for the multi and omnichannel company.

Centrebound launched in 2013 as the first true multichannel mystery shopping company offering the following online services;

Whatever channel your customers contact you on, we provide the objective feedback that helps you fine tune your service. If a customer’s journey begins with an email or live chat and results in telephone call then a face to face meeting, we can cover the whole interaction in a single survey.

More and more companies are finding that the growth of feedback and ratings apps are failing to cover the whole picture when providing customer insight. Most ‘reviews’ can be split into high praise or complaints. The customers who are not always motivated to feedback do have much to say. Our experienced multi-channel mystery shopping agents deliver customer insight to some of the UK’s best-known online and multichannel companies which apps like TripAdvisor fail to achieve.

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If you are operating a contact centre find out more about our multichannel quality assurance services.