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Rapid Delivery Providers Age Restriction Testing

RDP’s have seen significant growth over the last few years, expedited by the pandemic. Companies such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Getir who are delivering alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes have a responsibility to ensure age restricted items aren’t being delivered to minors just as traditional stores do. However, the challenge for these companies is different to supermarket or convenience store for a number of reasons including time constraints and the relationship between the delivery rider/driver and the company.

What is the law governing the delivery of age restricted items

Whilst it is not against the law to deliver alcohol on the doorstep to someone aged under 21, delivery companies have an obligation to protect minors from the harm of under aged sales in exactly the same way a physical store does.

The store, unit or restaurant from where the age restricted item is being aggregated (i.e. dispatched) requires a license to sell the goods as this is where the physical sale takes place as opposed to where the servers of an online sale are.

Along with the law and a companies social and legal responsibilities, it’s important that rapid deliveries providers are protected from negative publicity as they have become increasingly scrutinized by the UK press as their popularity with consumers have increased. This has included investigations into a number of high profile companies who have demonstrated that well over 50% of deliveries are made to young adults without any age checks.

How Centrebound helps Rapid Delivery Providers with age restriction testing

Centrebound has been supporting the most reputable rapid delivery providers since 2020, ensuring national spot checks are undertaken as part of their focus on delivering responsible and effective delivery services. We help ensure your staff are carrying out age checks when delivering age restricted goods such as alcohol, vapes and cigarettes and asking for valid ID in accordance with your age check process such as Challenge 25 by completing age restriction testing. Using registered mystery shopping auditors aged 18 and 19 we can provide a full UK coverage and conduct as many age restriction tests as required with audit results securely provided on a daily or weekly basis.

If you would like a no obligation quote for Centrebound’s national Challenge 25 auditing services please don’t hesitate to drop us a message or give us a call.